17 Hearthstone Road

Pittsford, NY 14534

261 Fearless Club Greater New York

261 Fearless Club of Greater NY (Rochester Group) is part of 261 Fearless, Inc, a global, non-profit women’s running organization dedicated to encouraging and uniting women through running socialization, and education. We invite women to keep active by joining our weekly meet-runs in a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment. These weekly runs focus on the social side of running where certified coaches lead participants through an hour of fun and pressure-free running/walking, games, activities, and strength training. We welcome women ages 18+ of all skill levels and backgrounds. Truly, all are welcome! History: In 1967, 20 year-old Kathrine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon. Women weren’t permitted to compete at this time, but because she signed her entry form using her initials, she was allowed to enter. She was given bib number 261. In a dramatic event that made headlines around the world, an angry race official attempted to forcefully pull Kathrine off the course. Although this frightened Kathrine, she decided to overcome her fear and finish the race. Subsequently, she became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Kathrine’s passion to support women in finding the joy and power in running led to her founding 261 Fearless Inc. with fellow runner Edith Zuschmann. Together, their common goal is to provide women the opportunity to become empowered by experiencing their own ‘261 moment’ – the moment when you leave your fear behind. Our core values: • We believe that running fosters courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps women around the world be mentally and physically strong so they can stand up to challenges in their private and professional lives. • We believe that running should be fun. There is no pressure whatsoever in our 261 Fearless running groups. • We believe in openness and diversity. Women ages 18+ are welcome to join regardless of their ability, body-type, ethnicity, religious background, or socio-economic status. • We believe in building networks. At 261 Fearless, we go outside, experience new things, break down cultural barriers, and meet with runners from all over the world.

We focus on: Health, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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