Angels of Mercy, Inc
692 N. Winton Road
Rochester, NY 14609

Angels of Mercy, Inc.

The Angels of Mercy is a non-profit organization dedicated helping women achieve FREEDOM, DIGNITY and RESTORATION as they move forward from Victim to Victory. It began in 2007. Meeting our clients with compassion and unconditional love is most important. We serve the under-served and realize the importance to have a "safe place" where they can heal from their past and move into a place of renewal. We are dedicated to helping women with life‐controlling issues such as domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, human trafficking and women who need to move forward regardless of their circumstances from victim to victory! Meeting our clients with compassion and unconditional love is one of our most important values. Women and girls who have been affected by these issues often lack self worth and have low self esteem. Through our various programs – the Butterfly Boutique, Dress a Girl Around the World, Anti-Human Trafficking Education and the Monarca Group we touch women and girls at different points on the spectrum of domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, and other sources of trauma. Our goal is to educate, equip, protect, validate, celebrate, restore and empower women. We are responding to calls to strengthen and grow our programs, to reach many more women with God’s love, as well as pursue some additional ideas we have identified as community needs. Service Providers refer clients to us daily for them to visit our Butterfly Boutique where the transformation truly begins! "May They Spread Their Wings & Fly"! As we continue our efforts, we invite you to partner with us to “Save Our Women". People are so blessed by AOM and we love doing what we do! We are unique in the sense that we welcome women right where they are without judging them. Everything they receive is FREE of charge. Most have been subjected to injustices in order to survive (examples: food, clothing, shelter). AS previously stated: We are a “Safe Place” where they find a sense of community and understanding. These individuals are referred to us by service providers and each day the demand, for those in need, brings many to our office. Their past does not have to determine their future and we strive to make a difference while serving them. Their experience is profound and it is my desire that each woman has the ability to “SHINE” as they go forward. Angels of Mercy makes a difference! Including this present year, the Angels of Mercy served over 32,000 women in the Greater Rochester Community. Everyone has a STORY and "Our STORY Matters"! Please visit our website for testimonials at : Angels of Mercy, Inc. 692 N. Winton Rd. Rochester, NY 14609 585-730-4556

We focus on: Human Services, Education

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario, Orleans

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