5465 Pease Road

Williamson, NY 14589

Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue

We are a unique, home-based wildlife rescue and sanctuary - specializing in foxes and wolfdogs - with a two part rescue mission: 1) Provide forever sanctuary to captive-bred foxes and wolfdogs. Many of our sanctuary's permanent residents are displaced from the exotic pet industry and have very traumatic backgrounds. We also provide a haven to foxes who are rescued from fur farms. Our residents come from all over the United States, as there are only about a dozen sanctuaries who specialize in foxes in our country. We currently provide forever sanctuary to 30 foxes (Red, Arctic, Gray, and Fennec species), a pack of 5 Wolfdogs, our resident raccoon rescue, and (many domestic animals, too). 2) Rescue, raise, and release orphaned and/or injured NY-native wild-born foxes with the ultimate goal being their return to the wild.

We focus on: Animals

Where we are: Wayne

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