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Asbury Day Care Center

For 50 years Asbury Day Care Center has encouraged the educational and developmental growth of young children with a warm, loving, creative approach. We enrich the lives of Rochester-area children by focusing on the individual needs of each child. We strive for excellence through innovative early childhood learning experiences. Asbury Day Care Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our program provides education to children about themselves and the world around them, while kindling their curiosity and strengthening their desire to learn. We do this in a nurturing environment that recognizes both the value and uniqueness of each child and the ways in which young children learn. Learning begins with the child and occurs through active interaction with the environment. In our program this most often takes the form of play, a natural behavior of children. Our program recognizes play — dynamic, creative and constructive activity — as one of the most profound means available to children for constructing and reconstructing, formulating and reformulating knowledge. ASBURY DAY CARE CENTER Classrooms: Beech (6-18 mos.): Nurturing staff support each child in separating from families and becoming comfortable in our setting. An enriched environment is provided with lots of interaction, singing, books, a little sign language and Spanish, and many opportunities for small and large motor skill development. Family members are always welcome. Linden (1 ½ - 2 ½ yrs.): Budding independence and confidence stand out here: many opportunities available to explore, create, experiment, and test. Self-help skills and interest centers complete their active days, as loving teachers support and encourage each child. Spruce (2 ½ - 3 yrs.): Toddler to preschooler all in one year: self-help skills mature (toileting accomplished!), language and cognitive skills deepen and expand. An exciting, thematic curriculum captures the attention of these non-stop learners. Forget the old favorites; give us something new! Cedar (3 ½ -4's): Science and preschoolers - a magical mix. As this group develops skill in social areas, language and literacy, fine motor skills, and imaginary play, the topic is science: light and color, neighborhood habitat, properties of matter. Hands-on activities balance age-appropriate presentation of concepts that enthrall this group. Willow /Pre-K (4-5's): The very social Willow group engages together in a full complement of pre-kindergarten learning centers: large and small motor skills, language and literacy, math and science, social studies, art, movement …… everything they need to be "ready for school" and more! This program is a part of the City School District's free pre-school offerings for city residents. School-Age Program (Kindergarten - age 12): This program is designed to meet the needs of school-age children after school as well as vacation days. Mature, caring staff offer a diverse program to engage kids in productive, playful activities both quiet and vigorous. Children have lots of choices after a day of focused attention in school. Camp Asbury! (K-5): Asbury offers a summer-long, full day program for children between the ages of 5 and 12, which combines a variety of theme-based adventures and experiences with a friendly and creative atmosphere! On a daily basis, children have plenty of time for games, free choice, art, crafts, drama, and sports.Come Visit!

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