1050 East Ave.

Rochester, NY 14607

Asbury Dining and Caring Center

The Asbury Dining and Caring Center is a 26 year old non-profit agency sponsored by the Asbury First United Methodist Church. We serve 4,000 meals per month to the homeless of our Rochester community and anyone who is hungry. We are open 6 days per week with Monday as our day off. We are open to all and do not discriminate regarding zip code or any other criteria. Our staff consists of one full-time director and two part time dishwashers and one part time cook. We rely heavily on volunteer participation, and our volunteers come from all segments of the community including our guests who want to give back the kindness they have received. THe services we provide include: hair care, showers, laundry, hygiene item distribution, bicycle repairs, breakfast Tues through Friday, lunch on Wednesday, snacks and soup on Saturday, and snacks and dinner on Sunday. Our meals are all nutritious and could sustain a person for an entire day if necessary. We partner with many local agencies to assist our guests with case management, substance abuse, health and legal issues and housing. We rely on individual donations, and small grants as funding sources as well as fundraising events. We are always looking for ways to raise money as our guest count continues to grow. It is very difficult to continue on our limited budget without compromising our high standards of quality, but we have risen to the challenge.

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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