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Baden Street Settlement

Since its founding 110 years ago, Baden Street has continuously operated programs and offered services that help it to fulfill its core mission-to identify and eliminate the causes of poverty and to reduce the level of negative social problems associated with being poor and disadvantaged. As the passage of time has demanded, the character and delivery of Baden's programs have adapted and changed, and they continue to be reevaluated to insure that they positively address the needs of our neighborhood's residents. Our Activities Department has an array of program activities that offer social, emotional, educational and recreational activities that enhance youth development. Youth between the ages of 5-18, participate in various activities including swimming, arts and crafts, clubs, sports, cheerleading, dance, computer lab, homework assistance, sewing, counseling, after-school programs, and Supplemental Educational Services (One-on-One Academic Tutoring). This program also provides learning through team building exercises and survival skills development. Project BASE offers after school activities for youth, including youth with special needs. Students participate in recreational, home work assistance, Supplemental Education Services and prevention workshops. Participants are served hot, nutritional meals through the Kids Café'. YOUR GIFT WILL HELP US TO KEEP A CHILD IN SCHOOL, HELP THEM GRADUATE, AND IMPROVE THEIR LIFE! Baden's Emergency and Family Assistance Department assists residents to meet basic family needs. Families and individuals can receive immediate assistance to meet immediate needs for food, clothing, rent/mortgage, transportation and vital records, and receive advocacy to help them to avoid a repeat crisis. The Mature Adult Resource Center (MARC) provides area residents age 60 and over an opportunity to be with other seniors and participate in various activities to increase vitality and reduce social isolation. Through its HOLIDAY FOOD & TOY GIFT CARD PROJECT, the Emergency and Family Assistance Department seeks to raise $25,000 for its holiday food and toy gift card project for area residents who may not be able to enjoy the spirit of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with family and friends. YOUR GIFT WILL HELP TO PREVENT A FAMILY FROM LOSING THEIR HOME, OR HELP A SENIOR IN NEED TO OBTAIN A HOT MEAL The Dr. George C. Simmons Counseling Center is a Medicaid-approved Article 28 medically supervised outpatient program for recovering substance abusers that provides community-based counseling, support, and referral services to recovering addicts. Our new BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES Department is helping low income users of health services to better manage their health by encouraging preventative health interventions and healthy living strategies. YOUR GIFT WILL HELP US TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE SUPPORTIVE SERVICES WITHIN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY FOR THOSE STRUGGLING TO OVERCOME EITHER THEIR ADDICTIONS or MANAGE CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES. Baden Street's Child Development Center provides full time and after school day care services to neighborhood residents, and operates a Universal Pre-K program in conjunction with the City School District. It provides the children it serves with a safe, nurturing environment while providing them with life skills and academic support. YOUR GIFT TO BADEN WILL ALLOW US TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES IN THE FACE OF DECLINING PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR SUCH PROGRAMS Baden Educational Services provides after school tutoring services for up to 175 students who have been identified as needing such academic assistance through the No Child Left Behind initiative. Through these tutoring efforts, Baden Street is working to improve graduation rates and college admission rates for at-risk students. YOUR GIFT WILL ENABLE US TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO STUDENTS IN NEED IN THE FUTURE AS CUTS IN FUNDING FOR SUCH PROGRAMS ARE CONTEMPLATED As the lead agency for the Metro Council for Teen Potential, Baden Street has provided a home for this agency's programs that promote comprehensive, community-wide and community-based initiatives to curb teen pregnancy and the spread of STD's among our youth, while at the same time developing in teens positive self esteem and the desire to succeed. YOUR GIFT WILL ALLOW US TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT MCTP's EFFORTS AT EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH TO SUCCEED Visit Baden Street on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BjVsb72_vI&authuser=0

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