50 E. River Street

Waterloo, NY 13165

Beverly Animal Shelter

Beverly Animal Shelter, a 501c3 non-profit NO-KILL shelter at 50 E. River St., Waterloo, NY, has been in operation for over 50 years and operates almost entirely on generous donations from the public. The shelter is dedicated to sheltering homeless pets and finding them forever homes; educating and preventing animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness; teaching compassion and respect for all animals; and reducing pet overpopulation by providing low-cost spay/neuter clinics to the public. We could not do what we do without our community! Every year BAS accepts between 700-1000 dogs, cats, ferrets, and other small animals. As a no-kill shelter, only pets that are deemed too aggressive and dangerous, or are terminal and our veterinarians cannot alleviate the pain, are humanely euthanized. We cannot take in every pet, but we try, and do so based on how dire the pet's situation. We do not cherry-pick- many of the pets we take in are those that would never be given a chance at a kill-shelter- those that are injured, sick, too old, too young, handicapped, un-socialized- they all deserve a chance. We operate on a shoe-string budget, funded mainly by donations from the public. A majority of our expenses are for veterinary medical services provided to our pets. We are often called on by the public, as well as police agencies, to take in injured, stray pets. This adds to our emergency medical expenses, however we are here for the animals and we treat each one as a valued life. Again, they all deserve a chance. As thin as our budget is, so is our staff. We could not operate without the many dedicated and compassionate volunteers that assist daily at the shelter! Being a no-kill shelter means some pets may live their entire life here, and it is with our community's help that we can continue to care for these pets and make their lives here as comfortable, happy and healthy as they deserve, until we can find them their forever homes. The shelter consists of many buildings, some old, some new, on over 20 acres of land. We are constantly striving for self-sufficiency. We cannot ask you to help us if we are not trying to help ourselves. One of the shelter's sources of income is Schultz Pet Supply, located at the shelter, which sells pet supplies for almost any type of pet. The shelter also operates a boarding kennel, which boards dogs, cats and other small animals. Shelter dogs have their own indoor and outdoor kennels. They are walked and played with throughout the day by the staff and volunteers, getting exercise over the many country acres at the shelter, or in the newly constructed fenced dog park, which is also open to the public. Cats are free-range at the shelter, and once spayed or neutered and healthy, are free to come and go from any of the shelter's buildings. For those cats that do not want to go inside, there are many outbuildings that are equipped with heated beds, food and water. The shelter's veterinarian visits the shelter twice a month for routine check-ups, while emergency medical situations are provided at local veterinarian offices. The shelter partner's with Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) of Ithaca and Integrated Pet Services and hosts several low-cost spay neuter clinics a month in our on-site surgical facility. Please consider becoming a part of the Beverly Shelter family by helping us continue to provide a healthy, safe and comfortable haven for the pets while they await adoption into their forever homes. There are many ways you can help us to provide for them: by adopting one of our wonderful pets and making them a part of your family; by donating monetarily- a ROC THE DAY donation is a wonderful time to declare your support for the pets at the Beverly Animal Shelter; volunteer at the shelter- there are many, many volunteer opportunities at our shelter, from hands-on pet care to secretarial, to grounds and maintenance, to event staffing- the shelter always needs volunteers; SPAY and NEUTER your pets- tell everyone you know to spay and neuter their pets! The shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter program several times a month (call for details); and most importantly, please spread the word: do not ‘shop'- ADOPT a pet from a shelter!

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