1150 Buffalo Road

Rochester, NY 14624

Bishop Clark Youth Fund

Background: Matthew H. Clark, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Rochester, is a strong supporter of Catholic youth. He recognizes that participation in rallies, retreats and conferences has a positive impact on the faith life of teens which in turn supports their general growth and well being. While serving as Bishop of Rochester, Bishop Clark approved the establishment of this fund. The National Study of Youth and Religion, a project of the University of North Carolina, has demonstrated that religion among U.S. adolescents is positively related to participation in constructive youth activities. In addition, those who participate in religious activities seem to be less likely to engage in many delinquent and risk behaviors. Retreats, rallies and conferences are positive religious experiences that foster the faith of young people. However, financial considerations make it difficult for some teens to attend. The Bishop Clark Diocesan Youth Fund provides financial assistance to individuals attending diocesan and national events and also provides programming funds to help defray the over all expense of some of these events. Thank you for considering a donation to this important cause - big or small - it will help make a difference.

We focus on: Religion, Education

Where we are: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Yates

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