125 Kings Highway South

Rochester, NY 14617

Bishop Kearney High School | A Golisano Education Partner

Bishop Kearney - A Golisano Education Partner is a private, co-educational school dedicated to providing an environment with high academic expectations, spirituality, and a strong sense of community to enhance the education of the whole person. Our students in grades 6-12 come from 18 different states, 13 countries, and 29 local zip codes to make one BK Family. Bishop Kearney is the most geographically, religiously, socioeconomically and ethnically diverse school in Monroe County. Through our diversity, we embrace and develop the gifts, talents and uniqueness of each individual, while encouraging self-respect and the respect of others. More than 90% of our students receive financial aid. It is our mission to ensure any student who wants a Bishop Kearney education has the opportunity to be a part of the BK Family. We educate a significant number of students from the City of Rochester, and many of those students live at or below the poverty line. In order to provide this opportunity, it is often at the limitation of critical programs such as Music and Fine Arts. Music Education is an invaluable component of any academic curriculum. Research has found that adolescents with music education have increased cognitive skills, better grades, tend to be more successful. They also have an increased ability to take on complex situations with a wider array of approaches/solutions than their peers. In addition, studies have shown that the impact of these benefits does not differ by socio-economic status. WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP: Through the tireless efforts and generosity of great faculty and amazing alumni, Bishop Kearney has been working diligently to rebuild our Music and Fine Arts Program. While we currently offer music education, band, show choir, musicals and so much more, we have grown the program to a point where there is a substantial gap between our existing resources and meeting student interest and need. Did you know that the average musical instrument costs $200-$500? While some, such as the Tuba, have a substantially higher average cost of $5,000? Bishop Kearney’s Music Program is in need of additional instruments in order to complete our ensembles. Unfortunately, many of our students and families are unable to invest in music education independently through the purchase/rental of a personal instrument for a student to learn and practice. No matter how big or how small, every single gift brings music into the lives of our students and empowers them to reap the substantial benefits of music education, regardless of their independent means or resources. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVESTMENT IN THEIR FUTURE AND OURS!

We focus on: Education, Religion

Where we are: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

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