200 Canal View Boulevard
Suite 202
Rochester, NY 14623

Black Physicians Network

The Black Physicians Network believes that having more black physicians will reduce health disparities and improve the health of the community. We are committed to developing that next generation of physicians. We are role models, mentors, and advocates. By sharing our lived experiences, we help current medical students understand that the barriers they are facing can be overcome and that we will support them through mentoring, scholarship support, and emergency funding. We provide inspiration to elementary and high school students who dream of pursuing careers in medicine. And we advocate for increased diversity within our health care systems. While our primary focus is medical students, we also provide a support network for black attending physicians, fellows, and residents, with a goal of welcoming and retaining these professionals in our community. Broadening our membership, increasing fundraising, strengthening our networks, and developing new collaborations will ensure our future; so, too, will the continued dedication and commitment of our Board.

We focus on: Education, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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