Braddock Bay Bird Observatory
PO Box 12876
Rochester, NY 14612

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory is dedicated to ornithological research, education and conservation. Each year, we band and release thousands of songbirds in an effort to document and understand how they behave during migration. BBBO is located just west of Rochester on the shore of Lake Ontario. This area is a focal point of bird activity, especially during spring and fall migration when it is possible to see over 130 species of songbirds. Migrating birds use the lakeshore as a stopover site - as a place to rest and refuel. Suitable stopover sites are critical in the life-cycle of birds, as a lack of adequate resources along the journey contribute to declining populations. BBBO's scientific program is aimed at understanding how birds use stopover sites, so that we can then focus our conservation efforts on preserving appropriate sites. BBBO also believes that education must be part of any conservation effort. Every day during the banding season, we open our doors to the public. Each year, we see several hundred visitors both from New York and from further afield. We host groups from local colleges and universities, high school and home school associations, book clubs, garden clubs, boy scout troops, and many others. We participat in educational events including Spring into Nature at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Imagine RIT, "Surviving the Wild" at the Seneca Park Zoo, and the Birds of Prey Days at Braddock Bay Raptor Research. We are run entirely by volunteers, and all our programs and events are funded by memberships and donations. All funds raised through Roc the Day will be used to replace damaged nets, to purchase basic supplies, and to support our educational outreach programs.

We focus on: Animals, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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