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Bridges/Wildlife Rockstars

Bridges For Brain Injury assists people to rebuild the skills they were once able to do independently before terrible tragedy struck in the form of a car accident, stroke, assault, fall or sports related concussion; or before they were struck with a debilitating disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis. Our services prevent young people from being inappropriately placed in nursing homes, institutional settings or from becoming homeless. Our services also prevent seniors who have health, cognitive or mobility challenges that places them at risk for being placed in a nursing home. Our services allow these individuals the dignity of living more independently in their home and community. WE OFFER: Service Coordination, Life Skills Training, Social Adult Day Services and a Structured Day Program. Our Day Program is based in Farmington and serves people from Seneca, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston and Monroe County. We believe in offering unique, meaningful and "real world" experiences through our Day Program activities. Our Wildlife Rockstar program, the only one of its kind in the US, is one way we do that. THE WILDLIFE ROCKSTARS PROGRAM is a wildlife education outreach group run by our staff and day program members. Members are trained in public speaking and care of live native and exotic animals, birds, reptiles and more! The Wildlife Rockstars visit schools, veteran & youth groups, nursing homes and community events to share interesting information about their animal ambassadors and encourage environmental and wildlife conservation awareness. Members also share their personal rehabilitation stories and discuss the importance of brain injury safety and prevention practices. While participating in this program, Members work on personal goals such as socialization, communication, organization, memory retention, planning and pre-employment skills. JON'S STORY Wildlife Rockstars has not only impacted the lives of adults with traumatic brain injury, but thousands of others whose understanding of wildlife and the environment has been enhanced thanks to Wildlife Rockstars like Jon. The traumatic brain injury he suffered as a result of a robbery and assault left him reclusive. "I didn't care about anything or associate with anyone", he says. His mother was worried about him, he had his life ahead of him but he was hiding from the world she says. She encouraged him to attend the Bridges Day Program. Jon was a bit reluctant about joining the program. Initially he often kept to himself, sitting in a corner with his hoodie covering his face. He would keep asking his mother to go home but she kept encouraging him to give it time. Slowly Jon became more and more interested in the wildlife Bridges cares for and became increasingly involved in the care of the animals. The affection from the animals and feeling he was doing a good job gave Jon more confidence. He became more social with his peers, learned wildlife facts and is now a Wildlife Rockstar, presenting to thousands of children each year. Jon says, "Bridges gave me a second chance at life. I love that I get to teach children about animals. They have helped me to overcome my fears." Jon is now a role model to others who are on their brain injury rehabilitation journey, turning tragedy into triumph!

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Yates

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