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Carol's Ferals

I am the voice for abandoned and homeless cats. At one time some were pets in loving homes. Others are a product of neglect, not of their own fault, but due to human’s lack of spay and neuter. There are female cats that have been on the streets for years having litter after litter. Some have even populated an entire block! During mating season many un-spayed females are attacked by multiple males. These cats live in abandoned houses, under porches, in bushes or wherever they can find to get away from the city dangers, both humans and animals alike. They spend their days roaming for food and often times fighting off others for it. They eat out of dumpsters, garbage cans anywhere they can find food. They also have to fight of raccoons, rats and the like for food. Many are emaciated because they cannot find food or are too weak to look. There are cats that have been shot at, covered in cement and glue, had rocks thrown at them, choked, put in garbage bags and other more horrific stories that I do not want to mention. There are pregnant cats giving birth in drainage ditches, behind dumpsters, in old tires. Many of these kittens are born with infections, eye problems and other diseases. Mom often times has problems getting food so many kittens do not make it. The ones that do make it go on to live a horrible existence. This cycle needs to stop! The answer is spay/neuter, TNVR and colony caretakers. I have 19+ colonies that I feed on a daily basis. I TNVR all the cats in my colonies. If I find friendlies I either admit to the local shelter or find rescues to take them in. I provide them with food and water daily. I also provide shelters in areas where I get permission and it is not too dangerous. We need to be an advocate for these cats, without it they do not have a voice. BUT if you look into their eyes you can see the pain and suffering. Please help me help them. Your support will help me to feed, shelter and TNR the many homeless cats in the City of Rochester. Thank you for your support.

We focus on: Animals

Where we are: Monroe, Wayne

We have a matching grant!

We Have A Matching Grant!!!!!!

A very generous supporter of mine has offered to match donations up to $2,000!!! Please help me take full advantage of this challenge gift.


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