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Rochester, NY 14618

Carol's Ferals

I am the voice for abandoned and homeless cats in the City of Rochester, where the feral, and abandoned domestic, cat populations have exploded in the last five years. They live in abandoned houses, under porches, in bushes. Anywhere they can find temporary shelter. They spend their days in search of food, and often fighting off others, including rats, raccoons, and opossums, to survive. These cats have been shot at, put in garbage bags, covered in cement and glue, and have faced other abuses too awful to describe. While in heat, un-spayed females are repeatedly attacked by multiple males. This is a horrible existence. I have 20+ colonies throughout Rochester that I feed on a daily basis. I TNVR all the cats in my colonies, and when I come across friendly, abandoned, cats, I do what I can to fully vet the animals, foster them, and solicit adopters for permanent homes. I am on the frontlines of this growing problem. As the situation has become more dire for these animals, the publicly funded services have retreated, or abandoned their obligations completely. Expenses continue to increase. Food, litter, vet care, gasoline, etc. Finding qualified adopters is more difficult, and holding periods by fosters continue to lengthen. Any contribution you can make will enable me to continue my advocacy for this forgotten population of animals, and will be greatly appreciated. Every dollar of your support will go directly to the benefit of these most deserving animals.

We focus on: Animals

Where we are: Monroe

We have a matching grant!

We Have A Matching Grant!!!!!!

A very generous supporter of mine has offered to match donations up to $2,500!!! Please help me take full advantage of this challenge gift.


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