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Champion Academy

WHAT WE DO The Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Initiative (Champion Academy) is a trauma-responsive mentoring program providing urban teens in poverty the critical accountability, consistency and support necessary to overcome obstacles and maximize their potential in school, at home and in the community. Founded in 2015 by NFL Super Bowl Champion and former teen in poverty, Roland Williams, the Champion Academy combines firsthand knowledge of the cultural nuances of urban teen culture along with proven mentoring fundamentals to produce unprecedented academic and social emotional outcomes. Program elements include: Summer Orientation Member Accountability College & Career Readiness Training Community Service E-Mentoring Exposure Opportunities Extra-Curricular Activities Monthly Meet Ups WHO WE SERVE The Champion Academy serves hundreds of urban teens in the Rochester region referred by principals, teachers, police officers, social workers, judges and/or community stakeholders as students in desperate need of "extreme mentoring" to graduate from high school and become positive and productive citizens. Recommended students must be enrolled full-time in grades 7-12 living in poverty. Members must also have THREE or more of the following research-based risk factors for dropping out of school: Failing grade in one or more core subjects Multiple school suspensions Low standardized test scores Living in a single-parent home Excessively disruptive in school Over age for grade level Lives in extreme poverty Experienced multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) WHY IT MATTERS Rochester, New York is facing an unprecedented teen crisis that threatens the future economic health and workforce quality of the entire region. Currently home to some of the highest rates of childhood poverty, extreme poverty and fatherless homes in the nation, thousands of Rochester teens are growing up in urban neighborhoods infested with gangs, drugs, violence, abuse, suicide, teenage pregnancy, obesity, school dropouts, incarceration and unhealthy attitudes towards future success. Without proactive guidance at home to teach these teens the strategies necessary to overcome their toxic environment, thousands of traumatized, undisciplined and unprepared students flood into school districts unable to address their complex academic, social and emotional needs. It’s time for a cost-effective solution that attacks the complex roots of urban teens in poverty’s social, emotional and academic failures. It’s time for a solution driven by academic and social-emotional outcomes that provides the support challenged school districts and law enforcement desperately need. It’s time for a solution that empowers people with first-hand knowledge of the harsh realities of Rochester’s poverty to lead the charge to transform the next generation. It’s time to finally teach underachieving teens the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the workforce of the 21st century. It's time for the Champion Academy. championacademyroc.org/donate/

We focus on: Education, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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