P.O. Box 12763, Charlotte Station

Rochester, NY 14612

Charlotte Community Association Inc.

Mission: To build a stronger community and to enhance the lives of our residents by providing a forum for sharing information, connecting neighbors and stakeholders, and fostering civic engagement while preserving and promoting the heritage of the Village of Charlotte. Vision: A safe, vibrant, and inviting place to live, work and visit; a family-friendly community and a year-round destination celebrated for its rich history and natural resources. Purpose: The Corporation shall promote the safety, general welfare and betterment of the Charlotte community by means of the following: a) Provide information to and communicate with the residents of Charlotte, area businesses, schools, places of worship, community groups, and neighborhood associations within the City of Rochester. b) Provide a forum for, and act as a representative of, members of the Corporation and Charlotte residents. c) Study and research area issues. Generate potential solutions that improve quality of life, ease neighborhood tensions and facilitate cooperation. d) Develop future goals and directions. e) Make recommendations and promote Charlotte as appropriate to city, county, state and federal governments. Provide a mechanism to assist local government in connecting with area citizens. f) Collaborate with other groups and organizations within and outside the community for the common good of Charlotte. g) Assist the community through scholarships for students and social events for families, and by connecting needy citizens to opportunities for programs and services. h) Assist the City of Rochester and Monroe County enhance the experience of visitors to public parks and other public areas through beautification, and through promotion of the natural resources and history of the neighborhood. i) Promote safety and security in the neighborhood, and combat community deterioration through partnerships with law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and community watch p

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development

Where we are: Monroe

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