20 1st Street

Rochester, NY 14605

City Roots Community Land Trust

City Roots Community Land Trust (CRCLT) was formed in 2016 out of a grassroots effort to prevent displacement and build an alternative model of land ownership in Rochester, NY. The idea behind creating our Community Land Trust (CLT) was that if our community owns the land we all depend on, we can prevent our neighbors from being displaced from their homes and build community wealth that we can all benefit from for generations. As a Community Land Trust, we have a board of directors that is elected by our members and residents, and we acquire land to be used for housing and community space that will be permanently affordable. We currently steward 19 properties that include 4 owner-occupied single-family homes, 24 units of deeply affordable rental housing, 3 commercial spaces, 4 community gardens, and 1 permanent tent encampment for our unhoused neighbors known as Peace Village. These properties are home roughly 75 people and provide numerous benefits to the neighborhoods we serve. We know that the work we do rehabilitating and selling deeply affordable single family homes to first-time homebuyers is especially important to the community as affordable homeownership is so greatly needed in Rochester. Our last home, for example, was fully renovated in the Beechwood neighborhood and sold for about $65,000 to a single-mother of two who had never before purchased a home. In addition to our work securing and stewarding permanently affordable land and housing, City Roots engages in community building. We regularly hold community building events for our members, conduct regular outreach and community education, and participate in grassroots coalitions like Rochester for Energy Democracy. This work is crucial to advancing our mission as it helps us recruit members and ensures our organization remains accountable to the communities we serve. All of the work we do is intentionally focused in the historically redlined neighborhoods of Beechwood, PLEX, and Marketview Heights in order to advance racial justice. By developing permanently affordable housing and community space in these neighborhoods and building community with the people that live there, we hope to be doing our part to repair the harms done to the people of these neighborhoods by centuries of structural racism. We hope you will join us in working for community control, permanent affordability, development without displacement, and community wealth in Rochester, NY!

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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