SUITE 207A, BOX 16
Rochester, NY 14609

City Roots Community Land Trust

City Roots Community Land Trust (CRCLT) was formed in 2016 out of a grassroots effort to prevent foreclosures and evictions in Rochester. The idea behind creating our Community Land Trust (CLT) was that if our community owns the land we all depend on, then we can both prevent our community members from being displaced from their homes and build community wealth that we can all benefit from for generations. This vision of a community that owns and controls its own land in order to achieve both racial and economic justice is at the heart of the CLT model, as the first CLT ever was born out of the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia. City Roots is incredibly proud to be a part of this legacy, and we continue it by dedicated our organization to achieving social, racial, and economic justice. The majority of our board members come from historically marginalized communities within the City of Rochester and are elected every year by our community of members. All of the land and housing we acquire and develop are located in historically redlined communities. Everyone who purchases homes from us and rent our housing are low-income folks from these same neighborhoods, and all of these people directly elect members of our board of directors. Securing these resources with the people of Rochester's most historically divested communities, and creating democratic community control over them, is what racial and economic justice looks like for City Roots. In total, we currently own 15 properties, which include 4 owner-occupied single-family homes, 25 deeply affordable rental units, 3 commercial spaces, and 1 permanent tent encampment for our unhoused neighbors known as Peace Village. These properties are home roughly 100 people. The majority of the properties we acquire are in bad shape when we get them, but City Roots prides itself of creating high quality, deeply affordable housing and space for our community. For example, we put around $100,000 into the rehabilitation of our most recent single-family home on Stunz Street in Beechwood, but sold that home for around $55,000 to a first time home buyer and single mother. In the near future, we will also be place 4 urban garden spaces under the stewardship of our CLT. These will be used for community education, food production, youth employment, and workforce development. In addition to our work securing and stewarding permanently affordable land and housing, City Roots does a lot of community building and organizing work. We regularly hold community building events for our members, constantly do outreach into our focus neighborhoods, and participate in grassroots coalitions like the Goodman Plaza Coalition and Rochester for Energy Democracy. This work is a crucial part of our efforts to achieve our mission of community controlled land and housing. It is how we build relationships with the people in our target neighborhoods and recruit them to join our organization. Thus far, we have recruited more than 100 people from our target neighborhoods to become members of our organization. City Roots CLT has grown significantly over the 5 short years we have existed. As recently as March 2020 we had no paid staff and owned less than 5 properties. We have come so far since 2016, and it is all because of the incredible grassroots community support we have had since we began. We hope you will join us in working for community control, permanent affordability, development without displacement, and community wealth in Rochester, NY!

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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