Corn Hill Navigation - Sam Patch Boat

Over the past 30 years, Rochester's waterways have evolved from polluted eyesores to sites of recreation, education, economic development, and historic preservation for present and future generations. Corn Hill Navigation (CHN), together with our partner organizations, has been a pivotal part of this dramatic progression. We operate the Sam Patch, a packet boat replica that provides affordable opportunities to discover and explore Monroe County's historic waterways through educational, historical, and recreational cruises on the Erie Canal and Genesee River. Tens of thousands of diverse students and teachers, families with children, adults, senior citizens, corporate, social and community groups, and tourists have experienced CHN cruises. We provide educational charters to elementary school, home school, and college students. CHN is the only non-profit tour boat operator in the Rochester region, which allows us to serve underserved populations such as those who are economically disadvantaged and at risk youth. Many of our passengers indicate that they have never been on a boat before and would not have had the opportunity to learn about the importance of our local waterways if it were not for our educational programs. Our mission is to foster the improvement and sustainability of the Erie Canal and Genesee River for current and future generations through education, environmental awareness, and enjoyment. These waterways continue to be an integral part of our community's economic development and revitalization through the promotion of tourism and recreation. Since our cruises leave from a vibrant port that is adjacent to other commercial establishments, shops and markets, a synergetic relationship develops. CHN passengers see or ask about nearby places to shop and eat while diners and shoppers see the Sam Patch and decide to take a cruise, thereby stimulating economic development. In 2023 we will add a second boat, Riverie, to the Genesee River which will dock at Corn Hill Landing in downtown Rochester. Riverie will afford city schools easier access to the water to experience our programming which includes live, historic tours and environmental education. Our presence will also add to the economic development and flavor of the Corn Hill neighborhood as the city reinvents its waterway corridor as part of the ROC the Riverway initiative. Educating our community on the importance of these waterways is fundamental to preserve and revitalize them. We work with ecologists, historians, and teachers to develop detailed curricula. These are disseminated during a 90 minute cruises. Our hands-on approach to education has drawn interest from many school districts in Monroe County and has given us the opportunity to provide educational charters at free or reduced pricing to elementary and high school students. Your donation today will make a critical difference as we continue to unlock the magic of the Erie Canal and Genesee River for our local residents. Your support will help us inspire more through the majesty of our waterways. Thank you!

We focus on: Education, The Environment

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne

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