PO Box 174
6450 Shaker Rd
Alton, NY 14413

Cracker Box Palace at Historic Alasa Farm

Cracker Box Palace at historic Alasa Farms strives to be a model farm in the community by embracing the values of Compassion, Respect and Perseverance for farm animals in need. We are a partner in preservation to protect this working farm and beautiful oasis for generations to come. Over the past 20+ years, CBP has grown to be home to over 150+ farm animals, including horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, fowl, and more. We partner with first responders to rescue animals, whether they were neglected, abused, abandoned or were victims of natural disasters or medical emergencies. These animals are given a second chance at life. The animals at CBP are provided safe living conditions, specific diets and medical care. Our team of volunteers and staff work hard to provide physical rehabilitation and emotional support for each animal. Suitable homes are screened through our adoption process, and every effort is made to ensure these animals never end up in a rescue situation again. We are a no-kill shelter where our residents can spend the rest of their lives should they need CBP as their forever home. Through educational tours and events at the farm, as well as outreach through community programs, CBP believes that community education will reduce the need for sanctuaries like ours in the future. We rely on your generous contributions to help us maintain daily operations, such as providing the animals with feed, medical care, and shelter. Please consider supporting Cracker Box Palace in our mission.

We focus on: Animals, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

We have a matching grant!

Double Your Dollars on Giving Tuesday

At Cracker Box Palace, we feed our farm family of almost 200. We rely on your generous support each day to maintain our operations and support our mission. This year inflation has impacted all our lives through higher prices at the pump and the grocery store. A single bag of specialty feed has increased by as much as $5.00 a bag, with an overall increase in feed expenses of $12,800 since last year. Our vet bills alone, which enable us to care for our aging population as well as the fifty-five rescued animals, will well exceed our budgeted value this year with an overall increase of $32,400. This Giving Tuesday, an anonymous donor has pledged a $1,000 matching challenge on Roc The Day with United Way. Every $1 donated on Giving Tuesday will be doubled to $2 for the first $1,000!


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