PO Box 174
6450 Shaker Rd
Alton, NY 14413

Cracker Box Palace at Historic Alasa Farm

Cracker Box Palace at historic Alasa Farm strives to be a model farm in the community by embracing the values of Compassion, Respect and Perseverance for farm animals in need.  The goal of the staff and volunteers is to provide the best possible living conditions, diet, medical care, and physical and emotional rehabilitation for farm animals that have been abused or neglected, or those who just need a new home due to changes in their owner's life circumstances. We currently have over 150 farm animals of varied species in residence.  We rely on our generous contributors and hearty volunteers to help us maintain daily operations, such as providing the animals with feed, medical care, shelter, and love. Suitable adoptive homes are welcomed, candidates are interviewed, and every effort is made to ensure these animals never end up in a rescue situation again. We are a no-kill shelter where our residents can spend the rest of their lives should their condition not allow them to be adopted.  Community education is a large part of CBP's mission. Our hope is that by educating our youth regarding proper and responsible animal care, one day shelters such as ours will no longer be necessary. We have an all volunteer Large Animal Response Team (LART) that works with law enforcement and first responders when farm animals are in need. Cracker Box Palace is located on historic Alasa Farms, a 600+ acre unique property overlooking Sodus Bay. We work with Genesee Land Trust to preserve this beautiful oasis for wildlife and a working farm for generations to come.

We focus on: Animals, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

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