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Creativity Shell

MISSION The Creativity Shell is a nonprofit organization on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers. Our organization teaches classes such as sewing/textile arts, cooking, building and other creative trades to students in our studios, libraries, schools, ABA therapy centers, the juvenile justice system as well as shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. All of our classes are designed to teach children essential life skills, practical skills and positive mental health coping skills. Since the Creativity Shell was formed in 2015, our creative programs have been an integral ally that is fostering positive mental health in the children we are serving in the community. Creativity Shell programs have been successful at creating therapy for sex trafficking survivors, helping children cope and manage anxiety, building fine motor skills for children on the autism spectrum, teaching life skills to homeless students and being an overall positive organization in the community that continue to teach skills to students and teach them to use their skills to give back to the community. The Creativity Shell is planning to build a larger studio space in the Greater Rochester Area which will be the NEW Creativity Shell Design Center. When the Design Center is opened, it will offer children a safe space to create. Classes that teach practical skills such as sewing, cooking, designing, writing/reading, media publication and more will be available and children will also learn fundamental skills such as problem solving, perseverance, critical thinking and build confidence and self-esteem at the same time. The Creativity Shell Design Center will employ mental health therapist who will offer free counseling services to children in need and will also work closely with colleges, universities and apprentiships to offer opportunities to Creativity Shell students who maturate out of programs to move on to higher education and employment opportunities. The idea of the 1 million Seams to Mend Campaign was fitting because this is the reason why we want to build the Design Center. When we opened our doors almost six years ago to start teaching sewing classes, we did not realize that as we were teaching the children… we were mending them back together at the same time. There are so many children suffering from poor mental health care and our design center will give us a larger space and more professional staff to join our team to provide arts education therapy plus free counseling to children need. OUR BELIEF There is no “one size fits all” method to education! As the use of technology continues to increase throughout the education system, the value of trades decrease. At the Creativity Shell, we believe that teaching our children the trades we know and use today will help them continue to thrive as a generation of makers instead of a generation of buyers. SENSE OF POSSIBILITY Children are the leaders of the next generation which makes them earth’s most precious resources. MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY As adults, we can positively engage our children by understanding there is no “One size fit’s all” method to education. CREATIVE LEARNING Children should have exposure to different learning methods. As they grow, they will naturally gravitate into the methods which best fits their learning style. There are many who view creative trades such as sewing or woodworking as a last resort to education…we see it as a complimentary addition. When children are free to explore the many talents around them, this helps to create well rounded children who can use their trades as an employment opportunity or a therapeutic hobby. POSITIVE INTERACTIONS When we work together with other childcare organizations, we can all get to know and understand the different children that cross our paths, and help embrace or direct them to other paths along their journey into adulthood.

We focus on: Education, Arts and Culture

Where we are: Monroe, Wayne, Yates

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