Crescent Trail Hiking Association

The Crescent Trail Hiking Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of volunteers who help plan, develop, and maintain the Crescent Trail footpaths by fostering a public appreciation of natural open spaces in the Town of Perinton. The trails are intended to be a footpath for hikers, walkers and families. Within just a few minutes of leaving a Perinton neighborhood, hikers can wander down a path and find themselves immersed in wilderness. Beautiful scenes, diverse wildlife, and eye-catching foliage will provide a relaxing experience for those looking to adventure outdoors. The majority of path along Crescent Trail are single line dirt trails, which you can choose to do a self-guided 2-hour hike or if you’re up to it, stretch it out for a half day or full day hike. While the CTHA partners with the town of Perinton, the maintenance and integrity of the trail is reliant on volunteer efforts and community donations. The CTHA members and Board work hard to educate the community on what the Crescent Trail has to offer, but experiencing it for yourself is the best way to appreciate its natural beauty. There are paths for all different fitness levels and admission is free of charge. Maps are available for purchase at the Perinton Community Center.

We focus on: Education, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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