University of Rochester
300 East River Rd
Rochester, NY 14627

David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Arts, Science and Engineering

The Kearns Center at the UR strives to expand the educational pipeline through the doctoral degree for low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented minority students. The center focuses on the creation of replicable and scalable educational models that will increase the number of low-income and historically underrepresented individuals pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. The center provides educational guidance, scholarships, and support services to students who 1) Come from low-income families, 2) Will be, or already are, the first person in their family to earn a college degree 3) Come from racial groups identified by the federal government as underrepresented in higher education: African American, Native American, or Hispanic and 4) We also help develop and guide the University’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

We focus on: Education, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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