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Discovering Deaf Worlds

In Rochester, we have have an incredible community that, among others, includes Deaf doctors, artists, lawyers, dentists, engineers, writers, landscapers, professors, and many hearing people who are familiar with Deaf people and even have Deaf neighbors, friends, or co-workers. But in other parts of the world, things are much different. - Due to discrimination, most Deaf people struggle to find a job - even if they're overqualified. - Over 90% of Deaf people in developing countries have no education - at all. - Deaf people are discouraged from or even forbidden to use sign language (different in each country!) - Higher instances of domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. Deaf people have faced these challenges continuously for hundreds of years. And for all of that time, they have not been consulted on the many, many attempted solutions. And yet, Deaf people are doing incredible things - big and small, changing our world for hearing and Deaf alike. We're excited to unlock more of that potential. DDW ensures that Deaf people in developing countries are capable, confident, and able to implement the changes that their communities desperately need. Learn more at www.deafworlds.org or read an in-depth description below. ============================ The heart of DDW's work rests in collaborative capacity building and organizational development with Deaf communities in developing countries. DDW serves as a facilitator, allowing local leaders and Deaf advocacy organizations an opportunity to assess their community's needs and the resources they have at hand. After this assessment, DDW provides organizational development - fundraising, leadership and team building, recordkeeping, project development and assessment, and public relations - to the local community, enhancing the skills of its members and their ability to operate their projects. DDW's intrinsic philosophy is as follows: we will work in partnership with our colleagues in selected countries to realize their goals and objectives, and most importantly, we will impose no solutions. In effect, we will work collaboratively to find solutions that meet local/national needs identified by community leaders. In contrast to the "medical model" of d/Deafness, DDW's support of the cultural and linguistic identity of Deafness is most consistent with upholding the personal dignity of Deaf people. DDW's network currently consists of over 250 Deaf schools/organizations from 50 countries, 14 countries of which DDW staff have visited in person.

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, Human Services

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates

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