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Genesee Waterways Center

The Genesee Waterways Center (GWC) is a nonprofit organization that connects the community to human-powered boating activities. We are the City of Rochester's partner for youth and adult education and programming involving paddling sports and rowing on the Genesee River and on the historic Erie Canal. Founded in 1996, the GWC is a local not-for-profit organization which promotes exercise through paddling, rowing, and related outdoor activities. We have superior instructors and expansive facilities. Our equipment for canoeing, flatwater and whitewater kayaking, rowing and sculling is serviceable. GWC hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including regattas, canoe & kayak races, a whitewater kayaking festival, family programs, and more. We provide technical assistance and guidance to local schools and colleges that would like to begin rowing or kayaking programs. We also offer instructor and coaching certification programs. The Center works in collaboration with The City of Rochester's Recreation Department, YMCA's, the U of R, RIT, youth organizations, high schools and communities throughout the area to engage youth and adults in the various activities that we offer. Our boathouses in Genesee Valley Park are home to dedicated adult rowers and scullers. They are also home to the crews of many local organizations, schools and universities including the University of Rochester, Nazareth College, McQuaid Jesuit High School, NAIADES Oncology Rowing and Our Lady of Mercy Crew. Throughout the year our members and the crew clubs bring excitement to our community through their energy and the various regattas and events that are hosted at our facility. At GWC's Lock 32 Whitewater Park, paddlers of all ages come to learn and practice their kayaking skills. Through our whitewater and flatwater kayaking courses, instructors have established a junior boating community in Rochester that is one of the best in the nation. Whitewater kayaking offers an alternative to traditional team sports. It is a lifetime sport and Lock 32 Whitewater Park gives boaters the opportunity to paddle right in their backyard throughout the season. The park is the only a man-made whitewater course in New York state and was built in a spillway bed of the Erie Canal. Genesee Valley Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, a prominent American landscape architect, during the late 1800s. The organization is run by one full time staff member, several part-time coaching and rental staff members, and is managed by a dedicated Board of Directors.

We focus on: Health, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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