61 Elizabeth Blackwell St

Geneva , NY 14456

Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center

Ontario Day Care Center (ODCC) was established in 1970 in Geneva, New York as an independent, 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit child care center, governed by a community based Board of Directors. We are the oldest child care center in the community providing full day programs for Infant, Toddler, PreSchool and School-Age children. ODCC employs a fully paid staff to manage and operate the facility and programs. Our management and staff are comprised of an Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Program Director, Food Service Coordinator, and Child Care Providers (teachers). Licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, we have continually met and surpassed all regulations pertaining to child care for children ages six weeks to twelve years old. ODCC is recognized throughout the community for its high standards of quality, affordable child care. We ensure the sustainability of our programs by employing individuals with specific expertise and training in early Childhood Education and Development and provide on a regular basis additional training and development opportunities. Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center will provide age appropriate, high quality, instructional care for children ages six weeks to twelve years old, in a warm, friendly and safe environment. Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center will help children develop their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills and abilities through a variety of programs which stimulate creativity and build self-esteem. Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center will create a personal atmosphere, where parents and their children are each known by name, thus enhancing communication among children, parents, and staff. Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center will serve families of all incomes, regardless of racial, religious or economic background, continuing its tradition of maintaining a diverse enrollment.

We focus on: Education

Where we are: Ontario

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