100 McAuley Dr.
Suite 2000
Rochester, NY 14610

Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly (GRAPE)

The Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly (GRAPE) is a member organization of professionals who work with and for the senior population. GRAPE's membership of 300 represents over 200 businesses, organizations and agencies in the Greater Rochester area. GRAPE provides education and networking to its members, as well as advocates for issues that affect our seniors. GRAPE also provides The ElderPages Directory, a free, comprehensive list of services in the Greater Rochester area. The directory can be found online at www.theelderpages.com and is printed periodically as funding allows. This is a valuable resournce for hospital social workers, case managers, caregivers, family members and seniors in our community. GRAPE also has an initiative called Holiday Gifts for Seniors, that provides a gift bag of necessities to seniors most in need in our community. GRAPE is participating in ROC the Day to help secure funds for The ElderPages Directory and Holiday Gifts for Seniors.

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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