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Help Me Read Program

Celebration of Life Community, Inc. is a grassroots not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving graduation rates in the City of Rochester. We advocate for the betterment of individuals, children and families. We are a 501(c)3 entity and a United Way donor agency #2521. Here are some of the programs we operate: Help Me Read Program, is twelve years old and is a one on one tutoring program we operate in Rochester City Schools. The program is undeniably effective, students and tutors love it. The data proves it and we are being asked to bring this program to other schools and other school districts. We continue to tutor students during the COVID-19 pandemic by switching to a Virtual On-Line Tutoring format. Professionally Speaking Program: Is designed to inspire our youth to aspire for noted professions. We have had Judges, Doctors, Law Enforcement, Building Trades, Artist, Entrepreneurs, Civil Service workers and many others. Further, we have mentored students toward various professions. This program expands the thinking of many inner-city youth. Tyshaun Caldwell Memorial Scholarship: This program is given to four sixth grade students every year one in each category of academics, arts, athletics and citizenship. Further, this program encourages high school graduation and continuing education. Community Connection Meetings These we have hosted for 14 years. Through these meetings we have helped to facilitate many linkages across our greater community between for profit, not for profit and individual. As a result, some attendees have gotten health care, free or reduced prescriptions, scholarships on multiple levels, housing and so much more. Personal Development Tracks Through this program we come alongside different one’s who have a goal or dream they want to accomplish, and we aid them toward their stated objectives. Some have started or expanded their businesses, furthered their education, bought houses and more.

We focus on: Education

Where we are: Monroe

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