PO BOX 285
6006 Northup St
Wolcott, NY 14590

Holding onto Hope, Inc

WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN ALL DO SOMETHING ABOUT CANCER. HELP BY GIVING A LITTLE TO MAKE A BIG IMPACT. Holding onto Hope is a nonprofit organization that helps families and individuals impacted by cancer through supports and programs. The money we receive from the donors goes into the operation of the programs and services so our organization can purchase thermal bags for individuals and their caregiver for treatment, gas cards and groceries.We also help provide cancer benefits for the individuals to help with fiances during and after cancer. Our nonprofit also helps with helping paying with shut off notices due to the burden of cancer. Your donation helps our nonprofit organization be able to help families and individuals with their basic needs so they can focus on their health to fight back against cancer. Some programs that we have our thermal bags that the person with cancer and caregiver to help keep meals cold or drinks during chemo and radiation treatments, parking and meal voucher program that allows families to spend time at the hospital with the individuals with cancer by covering the payment of the parking tolls and cover their meals at the hospital during their hospital stay, gift card program that allows are individuals to utilize gas gift cards to get to their appointments or gift card for groceries, grocery program to help with groceries needed due to not having extra money for food due to expenses of cancer, thanksgiving and Christmas baskets where we help by giving food baskets and presents to celebrate holidays without having to worry about paying for the items to have a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner and other programs. We have a Youth Club for Holding onto Hope to help learn the basics of journalism, fundraising, marketing, and being part of community service.

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne

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