506 W. Broad Street

Rochester, NY 14608

Hope Initiatives

Imagine a world where a person's past does not determine their future. Where people of all backgrounds are encouraged to dream and prepare to thrive - not just to survive. Hope Initiatives is a faith-based not-for-profit social enterprise that restores lives damaged by incarceration, substance use, and poverty. We believe each person has God-given value, abilities, and purpose. We want each person who comes to Hope Initiatives to discover the same about themselves. We accomplish our mission of restoring lives in several ways: (1) Create employment opportunities for our target population; (2) Provide job skills training in a real production environment where trainees develop proficiency in carpentry, woodworking, welding, computer numerical control, customer service, storeroom maintenance, and moving; (3) Reinforce job readiness and retention skills to help ensure trainees and employees are prepared to enter the workplace and function effectively; (4) Conduct bible studies and discipleship for those who are interested in strengthening their spiritual foundation; and (5) Approach everyone with dignity, kindness, and encouragement as a means to begin restoring self-worth and hope. As a social enterprise we operate three primary businesses: Emergency Furniture Manufacturing and Delivery, Moving and Storage Services, and Handyperson and lite Renovation Services. Each of these businesses functions to create training opportunities and jobs while providing needed goods and services to the disadvantaged within our community. Beginning in 2022 Hope Initiatives will expand its workforce preparation services to focus more extensively on citizens returning from incarceration. Our new system, called HOPE Works, will commence stabilization services while an individual is still incarcerated so that basic needs such as food, shelter, benefits, and identification are sorted out upon, or very soon after, release. Returning citizens and others in need of improved employability skills will then participate in work readiness and retention training that teaches both physical work skills and the social, behavioral and attitudinal skills that equip them to get and keep a job. Upon completion of training a Placement Specialist will work with program graduates until they find permanent employment, and provide support and alumni services for up to 24 months following employment.

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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