285 Ormond Street

Rochester, NY 14605

House of Mercy

House of Mercy and our founder, Sister Grace Miller, is dedicated to serving and advocating for Rochester, NY’s homeless and poverty stricken citizens. The original inspiration for the mission came one bitter-cold winter night when Sister Grace was driving the streets of Rochester, rescuing homeless people exposed to the elements. She took them to one shelter after another. But the shelters didn't have room for the people in her care. "I couldn't believe it," she recalled. "The homeless shelters in town had no room for the homeless. What were these poor men supposed to do?" That experience made her realize that desperately poor people in Rochester and Monroe County needed a place where they could go for help, day or night, and never be turned away. So she decided to start a new, spiritually based mission in town called The House of Mercy. With initial help from the Sisters of Mercy, she rented a small house in a poor neighborhood north of the city and began doing what she could to help the hundreds of people who flocked to her door for food, shelter, clothing, and compassion. And as need has grown, so too has the House of Mercy, now a permanent homeless shelter on Ormond Street, serving thousands in need each month. We provide 13,500 meals each month. We give away groceries/food from our pantry to 420 families each month. We provide 15 rides/day to appointments, meetings, events, and interviews. We assist with social work, health & wellness and life skills. WE ARE MORE THAN A HOMELESS SHELTER! We focus on the individual to see how we can meet their needs.

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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