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Rochester, NY 14617

Irondequoit Community Cupboard

We are a non profit organization that provides assistance to the residents who live in the Town of Irondequoit. We provide food assistance along with taxable items that include paper products and hygiene products. In addition we counsel and provide referrals to many of our clients who are struggling with where to go and who to turn to. Often just listening is a big service. Over the last couple of years we have strived to provide healthier choices for our clients. Through cash donations, we are able to purchase fresh produce, lean meats, low fat dairy and frozen vegetables when we dont receive fresh produce from our local garden. We also provide back to school supplies for children before school starts in August. We provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meal baskets, and we organize an "Special Santa" program so every child wakes up to new gifts on Christmas morning. We provide weekend backpacks for children whose household struggle to provide food over the weekend. (currently to 7 schools within our community.) We have a coat closet where we keep gently used coats and in addition we have many new hats, gloves and mittens on hand for our clients. We do a lot with very little and each year we go back and see what we could do better. We track the trends to see how we can assist our residents better based on current needs. For example, we noticed many of our older clients have diabetes so we have information to assist them with making healthier choices. In addition, we provide healthy recipes and produce to supplement their needs. Based on current studies, we know that children who eat a good breakfast and lunch, do better in school. We now provide snacks to the 7 schools we supply our weekend backpacks to. On average, we provide 150 weekend backpacks a week.At a cost of about $20,000 a year, we provide healthy and nutritious food to supplement what they may be missing at home. We have had children tell us they "wish it was Friday because they really love the food" they receive. We have also had teachers tell us that sometimes the children would tell them that the last meal they ate was the one they had in school the day before.

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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