71 Prince Street

Rochester, NY 14605

Isaiah House

Isaiah House has cared for the dying in the city of Rochester for 30 years. The ministry was born out of the love for all people, out of the belief that all people deserve to die with dignity, acceptance, and honor. In 1987, Isaiah House was the first comfort care home to welcome an AIDS patient. Isaiah House continues to serve our community by caring for the homeless, mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicted and all others in need of compassionate end of life care. Often a person and family will fight a courageous battle against a terminal illness and be told treatment options are no longer going to enhance their quality of life. At that point life starts to move very quickly. For many the next step will be to find a home to live the last 6 hrs, 6 days, or 6 weeks. No one truly knows. Isaiah House offers a person, a family, a home. Forty-five volunteers committed to bringing comfort and love to the dying volunteer and each offer something very unique. Isaiah House cares for 2 residents at a time the focus is on living. The living is something very different for everyone. It may be soup on the stove on Tuesday, making sauce at a bedside table, renewing vows in our garden. Residents and families have time to prepare for the unthinkable. Death is not an option it is a destiny we all will share. Isaiah House offers something very special to this community and speaks volumes for all the people who live here. We exist because of the generosity of others. We do not receive any funding from insurance companies. Individuals donate in an effort to provide support and caring to a place that cares for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of every individual that is welcomed through our doors.

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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