PO Box 92117

Rochester, NY 14692

Keeping Our Promise Inc.

Keeping Our Promise Inc. provides comprehensive resettlement assistance to endangered wartime allies who served U.S. interests in conflict and war zones, with the current focus on helping those who served US interests in Afghanistan. Our families were military interpreters, logistics managers, data base managers, US Embassy employees, drivers, cooks and cleaners. They may have worked for USAID programs, or as contractors. Since 2014 KOP has been finding and furnishing apartments for these newly-arrived families under the Special Immigrant Visa program, with a family's first one to two months of rent and a security deposit paid through community donations. KOP offers Caring Circles for each family to navigate the necessities of their new lives in Rochester, and to learn about our wonderful museums, parks, and natural beauty of the Western New York region. Volunteers help families explore skilled-trades training programs and assistance with finding employment, and referral to employment services. KOP also offers modest car grants so SIVs can get to work. Each family must have a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer time back to our community to qualify for a car grant, and must have employment or an offer of employment. Car grants are donation or grant-dependent. KOP also offers a children's horse riding program where they may meet other SIV children with shared experiences, and to learn that they are not alone.

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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