Kids Miracle Making Club

Our Youth Seeing Their Creativity Come to Life, Learning while Serving, with the Help of RIT With your help our service-learning program will continue to grow; funds that will be used to (1) support more projects, purchasing parts for our KMMC/Brighton Middle School/RIT hands-on projects and (2) purchasing special items while paying for inclusion events to enhance the lives of kids with physical and developmental challenges. Through a program sponsored by KMMC involving both our community club members, our Brighton Twelve Corners Middle School (TCMS) club members and RIT’s Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) course, our youth and TCMS 6th graders continue to see their creativity come to life as MSD engineering teams take those basic ideas and create physical prototypes. For example - A 6th grade girl who loves lacrosse watched here lacrosse shot training idea come to life at MSD engineers designed a physical prototype to fit the bill (copy and paste link to new page to see - A lacrosse shooting contest/fundraising is in the works with proceeds to support equipment and an inclusive event for one of our local Special Olympics Unified Sports program (copy and paste link to new page for program details - Other KMMC / TCMS youth ideas in the works with RIT MSD centered around sports and biomechanics: - A device that records and analyzes an ice hockey player’s slap shot to improve shot performance and reduced any potential injury due to poor form - A device that does the same for a swimmer - A device for soccer players to practice their shot independently, recording shots on goal accuracy while returning the ball to the shooter for additional shots Learning the engineering of their ideas through RIT MSD teams while providing designs that can be used by youth and collegiate teams. All this with special events and equipment purchases to help enhance the lives of kids with special needs to follow. But it’s not all sports projects… Previous KMMC donations are being used to purchase parts for a device to help students with limited mobility and physical challenges play the drums, an Adaptive Drum Kit (copy and paste link to new page to see details - Parts are currently being purchased for KMMC youth teams to build and deliver additional systems to local BOCES and agencies, learning the engineering behind the system while using their learning to enable more kids with challenges play the drums. Your donations will help our youth learn and deliver more systems to local BOCES and agencies. The RIT MSD program is very generous in supporting local not-for-projects such as KMMC offering a low-cost fee for projects to supplement program costs. With your donations, more and more KMMC members’ project ideas can come to life while leading to more inclusion events and equipment enhancing the lives of kids with physical and developmental challenges. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Steve Pellow Founder & President Kids Miracle Making Club, Inc. "Explore, Develop, Share...Watch Miracles Happen" ™ P.O. Box 388 Penfield, NY 14526 585.749.7515

We focus on: Education, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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