Kids Miracle Making Club

"We all possess unique gifts, talents, and skills meant to be used to help make our world better than we found it." - John E. Michel Our Kids Miracle Making Club mission is helping our middle schoolers and high schoolers: - explore and develop their natural talents and skills through hands-on projects – science, technology, engineering, art, music, sports, etc. - helping them feel good about themselves while discovering what makes them special - feel even better about themselves by having those projects and events focus on serving kids with physical and developmental challenges WE APPRECIATE YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE OUR MISSION We are a fully volunteer organization. As a relatively small nonprofit our financial needs are the basic infrastructure to support our club operations to fulfill our mission – fees such as insurance, website fees, facility rentals, equipment and materials purchased for hands-on projects and events. The more support, the greater the programs, the more youth we can impact. With your help, our club youth will continue learning, developing, raising funds and donations, volunteering and being recognized by the community for their efforts all while interacting with the kids they serve, kids with physical and developmental challenges. THE BENEFITS OF OUR PROGRAMS TO OUR YOUTH AND THE KIDS THEY SERVICE & OUR COMMUNITY Our Youth Seeing Their Creativity Come to Life, Learning While Servicing with the Help of Rochester Institute of Technology - Through a program sponsored by our KMMC involving both our community club members, our Brighton Twelve Corners Middle School (TCMS) club members and RIT’s Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) course, our youth and TCMS 6th graders are seeing their creativity come to life as MSD engineering teams take those basic ideas and create physical prototypes. - A boy’s idea for footwear that will help those with diabetes from developing neuropathy coming to life as footwear which automatically monitors and cools the feet to help stop foot ulcers and potential foot amputation. - A girl’s idea for a robotic goalie trainer that will help a teammate practice goal when coach and teammates are not available to a device that automatically positions shots on goal, both fixed and random, recording the session to share with coach for training / improvement. The service – a planned inclusive shooting contest / fundraiser with proceeds going to help families with kids with cancer while supporting more MSD projects. All this while our youth act as clients to the MSD teams, learning by sitting in and interacting with design teams in their periodic phase reviews. Inclusion with the Kids They Serve - - All youth service-learning projects involve inclusion with the kids, inclusion with the kids at Golisano Children's Hospital, Mary Cariola Children's Center, CP Rochester, Holy Childhood - Our club youth volunteer annually as Cat-in-the-Hat and Thing 1 & 2 for the Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day to bring smiles to kids at CP Rochester - Our club youth volunteer annually as "buddies" to kids in the Little League Challenger Baseball program Volunteering and Raising Donations - - Our club youth have volunteered at the club's annual Brunch with Santa event averaging over 300 gifts donated per year, gifts they have delivered to kids at Golisano Children's Hospital, Mary Cariola Children's Center, CP Rochester and Holy Childhood. Being Recognized by the Community - - Club members exploring facilities such as Mary Cariola then contribution to the design of the Tom Golisano Training Center at Nazareth College using SketchUp architecture software. D&C - "The center was designed by LaBella Associates of Rochester, which consulted with members of the Special Olympics, Sportsnet and the Kids Miracle Making Club to take the needs of the IDD population into consideration throughout the process." - Club member Aiden Pellow was named 2019 Rochester Press-Radio Club's Day of Champions Dinner Coca-Cola Hometown Hero for his community service efforts through the club - Club member Holden Leibenguth was named 2016 Honorary Chair of Rochester Press-Radio Club's Day of Champions Dinner for his community service efforts through the club Your help in continuing and helping us grow our club and its programs is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support! Steve Pellow Founder & President Kids Miracle Making Club, Inc. "Explore, Develop, Share...Watch Miracles Happen" ™ P.O. Box 388 Penfield, NY 14526 585.749.7515

We focus on: Education, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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