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Lagom Landing: Helping ALL people find passion and purpose in life!

We are in the midst of a transition year from our former model of working with 18-23 year olds for 9 months, to offering space throughout the year for adults of all ages. We will operate on a donation-based model for those on retreat. Your gift on ROC the Day will support our donation-based model, allowing diversity, equity, and inclusion to be central in Lagom Landing's mission. We particularly want to offer this space to those who have served so generously during the pandemic--those in the fields of social work and health care, education, religions leadership, and the service industry. A Lagom Landing Respite Retreat will consist of 2-10 days/nights, aimed at those who feel separated from their purpose and passion in life. By engaging in simple practices of learning hands-on skills (carpentry, gardening, foraging, making maple syrup, baking bread), spending time outside in the beautiful hills of the Little Finger Lakes, and simply HAVING FUN!, participants step "into the REAL" of day-to-day life in a rural setting. We ask people to tell us where they are coming from, and what they want to work on, and then offer rest and deep listening as we spend time learning alone and together, creatively exploring the gifts offered up by our minds, hearts, and bodies immersed in the natural world. Respite at Lagom Landing is based on listening to the seasons and what they are telling us--the fresh life of spring, the fecundity of summer, the letting go of fall, and the fallow quiet of winter. We have experienced the healing that occurs when we slow down and listen deeply to what is already inside us and what is going on in the natural world surrounding us and supporting us at all times. We call this "the real"--and it is always available! We will be experimenting with hosting during the winter and spring of 2023, and anticipate full operation by mid-summer 2023. A daily schedule of optional activities will be offered to all retreatants, including opportunities for skill-building off campus with neighbors we are weaving networks with. We will continue to offer monthly "Speaking with Bread" gatherings highlighting the gifts of artisans, innovators, and visionaries living in the Little Finger Lakes and beyond. By investing in Lagom Landing today, you not only ROC the Day, you ROC a healthier version of our world, where all have the opportunity to rest and heal so they may live into their purpose and passion.

We focus on: The Environment, Health

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates

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Every dollar you contribute on ROC the Day will be DOUBLED by a group of donors, and empower us to offer healing rest to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay.


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