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Lakeview Health Services

Achieving Goals. Advancing Lives. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the need for our mental health services has increased exponentially. Your generous donation to Lakeview Health Services will enrich the lives of those we currently serve and will allow us to assist many more individuals seeking our help. In an effort to keep both consumers and staff safe, and by adhering to state and CDC guidelines and safety protocols, we have adapted the ways that we provide services such as virtual counseling sessions and no-contact meal delivery. Last year, Lakeview Health Services made a positive and lasting impact in your community by providing mental health services and housing to over 3400 individuals and families in neighborhoods just like yours but this could not have been accomplished without your annual support. Lakeview's staff and consumers sincerely thank you for your part in improving the lives of those we serve. Our Mission Lakeview Health Services is dedicated to helping those we serve identify and achieve personally meaningful life goals and to realize their full potential. Lakeview provides safe, affordable housing and support to persons recovering from mental illness and health care coordination services to individuals with chronic mental and physical health challenges. Our Vision Our programs and services are evidence-based, fiscally responsible and innovative. We have created a work environment that develops and retains highly skilled professionals who are passionate about serving those in need and improving the health of our communities by utilizing person-centered, recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed practices. Lakeview Health Services Embodies our Values: Service: Serving our communities and those who need assistance is our highest value. Competence: We strive for excellence and effectiveness in all that we do. Dignity: We treat everyone we serve and each other with courtesy, compassion, and respect. Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior. Learning: We support programs, services, and opportunities that promote lifelong learning. Family: We recognize the importance of family relations and commitments, both in the services we provide and in our human resource policies and procedures. Lakeview Health Services provides housing and mental health support services throughout a six-county area in the Finger Lakes Region/Greater Rochester Area: Residential Housing Programs Decent, safe and affordable housing helps people live healthier lives and aids in supporting recovery from mental illness. Lakeview's variety of housing programs offers the right amount of independence and care, a safe environment, and adaptations for physical needs. All the residential programs maintain the same goal: Assisting residents ages 18 and over with developing the necessary skills to successfully live with greater independence.  Community Residences with home environment living - 24/7 Staffing  Apartment Programs- designed to develop greater independence  Permanent Housing: Scattered Site Supportive Housing for safe and affordable housing; Apartment start-up and rental assistance; Single Room Occupancy with services and supports  Enriched Crisis and Stabilization Program: No cost, short stay to prevent hospitalization and post-release step down  Transitional Housing Program assists with securing permanent housing: Temporary Housing Program - assistance in times of housing instability Care Management This program ensures comprehensive oversight through person centered and strength-based coordination of care and by providing appropriate linkages for the physical, behavioral health and social needs of the individual with a goal of symptom management, recovery and total health.  Adult Services  Children and Youth Services Community Support Services With an outcome of continued, successful independent living in the community, these outreach programs link individuals with the supports needed to achieve their goals as defined within their individual rehabilitation plans.  Recovery Support Services provides supports to individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder & manages the STEMSS Program  Forensic Outreach provides resources within jails to achieve post-release success  Adult Outreach and Non-Medicaid Care Management programs provide resources to help prevent a mental health crisis situation Recovery Center The Recovery Center paves the way for accomplishment of personal goals and an independent lifestyle while overcoming the stigma of a mental health diagnosis via workshops, groups and activities and are enhanced by the support of peer staff. Available to individuals age 18 and older.  Vocational services preparation, recovery services, peer services, expressive arts, socializations, wellness, social hangout

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