224 Fair Street

Newark, NY 14513

Laurel House Comfort Care Home

‚Äč‚ÄčLaurel House is a comfort care home where residents spend their final days, at no cost to themselves or others, in a highly supportive, warm and compassionate environment, surrounded by loved ones and kind-hearted staff and volunteers who attend to their needs. Laurel House hopes to be comfort care home that is the first choice for families of Wayne County, NY who need help in caring for a dying loved one. We will have a reputation as a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone who comes through our door. A place where volunteers are valued and succeed in providing an unequaled community service to their friends and neighbors. A community resource that compliments its neighborhood and contributes to a higher quality of life in the county. An opportunity for residents and caregivers alike to share in completing a life well-lived. A place of final departure that eases a loved-one to the ultimate end, supporting caring family and friends along the way.

We focus on: Health

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne

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