Legacy Makers Wealth Initiative

Legacy Makers Wealth Initiative is a nonprofit organization and offers a transformative 7-week training to financially strengthen individuals and families and assist in their ability to successfully manage their finances and build wealth that can allow them to leave a legacy for their next generation. Our training tools, support services and resources help to lay the groundwork for a stronger economic foundation to help break cycles of poverty while assisting in creating personal, generational, and collective wealth. Rochester is one of the poorest cities in the nation and despite the numerous agencies and organizations that continue to fight the ongoing battle to tackle poverty Rochester remains the 3rd poorest city in America among comparable-sized cities. Its child poverty rate is the second highest in the country. Minorities (Black & Brown, etc.) make up approximately 61% of the population of Rochester and Black wealth, particularly in Rochester is less than 13% of White wealth. Generational poverty continues to be the theme of these communities with major disparities in the areas of health, education, justice and wealth. The Covid-19 pandemic hit urban communities very hard and sadly, revealed that the disparities were worst than many believed, especially in income, health and wealth. It further uncovered the many vulnerabilities that exist in urban communities. Many people were only one paycheck away from starvation, while others depleted their savings in a short time. On average, black households have approximately $8,000 in cash or equivalent liquid assets compared with $49,000 for other households, according to government data analyzed by the Economic Policy Institute. Legacy Makers is currently creating a curriculum for Youth. Providing wealth building training to adults and youth will increase the potential to create generational wealth that can assist in breaking cycles of poverty in families and communities. Legacy Makers trainers consists of a team of professional business owners in the areas of Financial Planning, Money & Wealth Mgmt., Insurance, Investments, Real Estate and Business. Our partnership allows us to provide trainings that will allow individuals to make informed financial decisions that will increase their savings, decrease debt, raise their credit score and build wealth for generations to come.

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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