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Macedon Food Pantry

The Macedon Food Pantry is a nonprofit organization that serves needy families in the Macedon, New York area, located in Wayne County. Families must register with their name, address, phone number, and the number of adults, children, and elderly in their family. The Macedon Food Pantry is celebrating it's 49th year of continuous service to meet the needs of families who are in distress due to circumstances that have happened to them: loss of income, illness, fear of eviction, or for whatever reason they are in need. An adult must register and provide proof of address in the Macedon area. We are members of Food Link and receive food and other benefits that are offered. Donations from individuals as well as organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Post Office, local companies, and the schools also help with needed commodities. We average approximately 150 family visits per month. Thus far in 2022 we have served approximately1082 people, which is almost double from last year at this time. This number includes adults, children and seniors. .In the past few months our visits have increased about 50%. The Pantry is open one day a week: Friday from 12 noon until 1:30 pm. Due to COVID 19 and loss of volunteers, we have had to decrease to only one day a week. In October, we just started having people come into the Pantry to pick out the foods they want/need. We always have a variety of canned goods (fruits, vegetables, soups, pasta), cereals, peanut butter, jams, syrup etc. We also offer perishables: eggs, milk, margarine, cheese, bread. And personal items: shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, bar soap. And of course, laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, toilet paper, paper towels and sanitizing products. Families who do not live in Macedon are given food at their visit, but are encouraged to find a pantry in their living area. We have lists of all the local pantries with addresses and phone numbers to provide the clients. All volunteers at the Pantry have been instructed in the Civil Rights Compliance Training as directed by FoodLink and the Federal Government. This involves annual training and updates. This year, all volunteers also completed the Food Safety Training provided by FoodLink. We comply with all of FoodLink's rules and regulations, and have always received favorable reviews. We were inspected this past Spring and again met all the criteria. The Macedon Food Pantry also has an annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Program to make the Holidays happier for our clients.. The Christmas program includes a food box for the family, gifts cards for perishables and presents for all the children in the household. This is accomplished by donations from families in the Parish of St. Katharine Drexel and local businesses and organizations. Macedon Center Methodist Church also helps with this project. In 2021,the Christmas program assisted 147 families: 255 adults (including 90 seniors), 175 children, for a total of 429 individuals. Already 250 letters have been sent to families in the area to see who wants to participate in the 2022 Christmas program. Twenty families will also be contacted shortly to participate in the Thanksgiving program. The food boxes will be ready on the 18th of November for pickup. The boxes will contain a turkey and dinner for the number of people in each household plus extra canned goods to supplement more meals. Throughout the year the Pantry also gives temporary assistance to help our clients. In 2022 so far, the Pantry has helped 46 persons with rent (30), utilities (3), car repairs (9), furnace repair (2) propane (1), and busfare (1). Also, we have given donations to ten agencies to assist others. The Chairperson can contact other organizations in our area to assist with the immediate interventions. We also donated to Pal-Mac schools to help with the current school Back Pack Program. Our volunteers do not come just from St. Patrick's (St. Katharine Drexel Parish) but from the community of Macedon, including other Churches and charitable individuals. We are a well-run, well-staffed volunteer organization that contributes to the needy of our area. To keep this program functioning, non-perishable food and dollar donations are needed on a monthly basis. When funds and food run low, we are unable to fully assist many of our families. Summer months are always more stressful for families with children because there are no programs provided by the schools. We sincerely thank you in advance, and appreciate any donations that will assist us in our goal to provide for our families.

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