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Macedon Historical Society, NY

Macedon Historical Society’s mission is to promote and encourage historical research and preservation regarding the community of Macedon, NY and to disseminate that information. Macedon Historical Society - was chartered in 1968 and purchased the Academy, the home of MHS. Where tourists and visitors come to view the history of our region. The school at Macedon Center began in 1841 in a Tavern. The School was incorporated in 1842. Extensions of the Tavern were added to accommodate more students. The Tavern was moved and eventually burned. The current Historic Macedon Academy was erected in 1853 with the first session the same year with 160 students. The last graduating class in 1902, closing the building as the Academy in 1903 when state aide was refused. The Building was briefly used as a district school, then used by the Church Aide and Historical Society for a reception and meeting hall. The building was also used for the Macedon Grange #362 until the Grange purchased a building across the road. Frederick Douglass spoke at the Academy in 1862. Macedon rich in history of the underground railroad, Erie Canal, and suffragist movement. Emma Biddlecom Sweet born in Macedon in 1862. She was a cousin of Susan B. Anthony, is best known as Anthony’s secretary. Macedon is also known for the Temperance movement in 1845. MHS plans on promoting more programs for adults and students to learn more about the community/region through education. Macedon Historical Society is the steward for the archives and artifacts for the Macedon community. MHS vision is to cultivate the integrity of the Academy as a teaching resource. It was an Academy from 1853 - 1902, for middle and high school aged girls and boys from all over the state. Those students that didn't live locally, boarded at the surrounding homes in Macedon Center. The path to the Academy symbolizes classes that attended the school with their years pressed in the sidewalk. The double door entry is flanked by two smaller doors, boys would enter through one door and the girls the other. Two staircases were originally in the building, one for girls one for boys. Old tables with the etchings of prior student's names and the principals chair are in the academy along with many other displays for the inquisitive to view. Partnering with other organizations, MHS is working on a Farm to School program with Cornell Cooperative Extension. The kitchen at the academy needs renovating. The kitchen was originally the science room with its tall cabinet as a reminder of the olden days. The double Dutch door takes you back to the cafeteria style where the students would enjoy their meals and return their table wear. The MHS continues to improve the integrity of the Academy as its focus, education. There are 5 areas of the academy (not including the bathrooms) There is an Office, Kitchen, Research/Library, Museum/Meeting room, and the 2nd floor auditorium, complete with a stage. The auditorium needs a new HVAC. A new HVAC system would benefit community by allowing performances, lectures and concerts throughout the year. MHS usually closes the academy down in the winter months. The Macedon Historical Society is not only focused on the integrity of the Academy but has a community presence as well. Community outreach - the community has benefited by the research by the town historian and the members of MHS, completing research for the Historic Markers around the community. One marker is at the Academy marking Frederick Douglass’s speech at the academy in 1862. Other markers are noted for the Erie Canal, founding families of Macedon 1779 and the Incorporation of the Town of Macedon in 1823, with our bicentennial creeping up in 2023. A historic marker is at the Bullis House on Canandaigua Road in Macedon, known for the philanthropic family of Nettie Bullis. The Bullis fund, through RACF, provided with funds for the ADA bathroom to make the Academy in compliance for all to attend. MHS is continually contacted for researching the history and articles of Macedon. The new landing at the Erie Canal near O'Neil Rd pedestrian path, was researched by a member of MHS for the signage at that point. Renovation of the Academy kitchen will create a culinary learning experience, while teaching how it was performed in days gone by. The Macedon Academy has an auditorium on the 2nd floor. The Bicentennial of Macedon and Wayne County is in 2023. Plans are underway for performances in the Auditorium. A renovated Kitchen and a new HVAC is crucial. MHS needs: renovation of the Kitchen and a new HVAC.

We focus on: Arts and Culture, Education

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