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Mary L. Edlin Scholarship Fund for Destiny Christian School

The Mary L. Edlin Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to single parents and low income families whose child or children attend(s) Destiny Christian School. This core belief of Pastor Mary Edlin, who was a single parent herself raising two young children in the 70's, is still prevalent at DCS. As can be the case with many single-parent homes, private education may seem financially impossible. Mary worked and sacrificed to keep her children in a school that would challenge them academically as well as provide a foundation of faith and truth in their lives. At Destiny Christian School we teach that God is the Creator of all, with all knowledge beginning and ending with Him. Biblical standards and prayer are the foundation of our culture, and we acknowledge that God has given you, the parent, the responsibility for your child’s education. Our Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a proven model of education that builds character and trains every student in HOW to think and HOW to learn. Our graduates know what they believe, and they are prepared to succeed with the necessary skills. Our student population comes from dozens of area churches and our teachers share faith and the expectations of academic excellence which results in a unity that promotes a safe, nurturing and fun environment. This year alone at DCS, 55% of our enrolled students are receiving over $184,000 in financial assistance. The Mary L. Edlin Scholarship Fund is committed to continue the legacy of Mary by supporting families who otherwise could not afford private Christian education. To learn more about Destiny Christian School, visit www.DestinySchool.com.

We focus on: Education, Religion

Where we are: Monroe

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