Mendon Foundation, Inc.

The Mendon Foundation is the first and only not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting the rich environmental heritage of the communities in and adjacent to southern Monroe County. Our all-volunteer organization enriches the lives of our donors and their community by working with local municipal governments, local contributors and local volunteers to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic, natural, recreational, structural and historical resources of critical cultural significance. Some of the things that we’re best known for include: Land Acquisition & Open Space Preservation: We now have approximately 160 acres of publicly accessible land in our land trust. We preserve this open space through the creation of nature reserves and through plantings such as warm weather grasses. The Lehigh Valley Trail: In many ways our signature project, we co-developed (through a federal grant) and co-maintain Monroe County’s 14 mile linear trail park encompassing the former Lehigh Valley Railroad bed in the towns of Mendon and Rush. We also have a westward connection in Caledonia to the Genesee Valley Greenway.

We focus on: The Environment, Education

Where we are: Livingston, Monroe

We have a matching grant!

Year End Challenge

Your donation will be DOUBLED during ROC the Day thanks to a generous, anonymous donor who is providing a $5,000 matching challenge grant! Donations will go toward maintenance and improvement of our land trust properties and the Lehigh Valley Trail Linear Park.


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