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Monroe County Family Coalition Inc.

Monroe County Family Coalition, Inc. (MCFC) is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed by a group of Monroe County parents, teachers, and counselors in the wake of the Black Families Matter rally held on June 20, 2020, in the Town of Greece, New York. Its founders and volunteer board members represent the diversity of the town of Greece and Monroe County. They bring to MCFC a range of expertise and community connections. Many of them are parents who understand from within the challenges faced by youth and families. Some of them are caregivers who invest their energy and resources to serve family members. The MCFC seeks to bridge inequality gaps in the community by providing services for underserved youth and families. Some of the services MCFC will be offering in 2021-2023 include, but are not limited to, training workshops, conferences, life skills and career consultations, access to technology, tutoring, exercise, and mental health support. The need for these services in the community has been identified by the founding members of MCFC through a series of events that took place in 2020, including community forums, surveys, and consultations between government agencies, local businesses, and organizations, and residents. It became apparent that underprivileged youth and families of the Town of Greece and Monroe County lack access to and awareness of the many resources that may exist in the community. Therefore, MCFC sees the opportunity to fill the void and bridge the gap between these youth and families on the one hand and local government, nonprofit and for-profit agencies. Vision: Creating opportunities for families to bring about change and bridge inequality gaps in the community. Mission Statement: To connect local families to community resources and bridge the gap between local government and partnering agencies and at-risk youth and families. To create safe places for a courageous dialog between various entities within the community that addresses diverse contentious matters. Core Values: To serve the community with integrity To be committed to dependability To consistently explore innovative ways of advocating on behalf of its key stakeholders The MCFC is invested in serving the community by assuring that local governing bodies and key stakeholders provide adequate resources to youth and families. The MCFC also has a passion to one day provide a one-stop-shop that will allow residents to have access to technology, tutoring, childcare, mind and body wellbeing, and mental health support. To stand by our vision and mission, we need your help. By giving today, you will assist MCFC to move its mission forward.

We focus on: Human Services, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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