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Roc the Day with Notre Dame Learning Center! The Notre Dame Learning Center is a ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, a non-sectarian, non-profit organization. As a friend and donor to NDLC, you will help us continue our mission of assisting Rochester children to develop their academic skills in Reading, English Language Arts and Mathematics and to achieve success in the school and neighborhood community. Students study academic areas suggested by parents and teachers, or as the result of school testing. We believe that education is of the highest importance to our children as they strive to reach their individual goals of success. "Transforming the lives of Rochester children through educational support” is the vision of the Notre Dame Learning Center. NDLC welcomes children and encourages them to take advantage of educational opportunities offered. We create an environment that facilitates the development of the whole person and teaches the skills necessary for further educational endeavors. Services are provided in safe, welcoming settings West Center: 71 Parkway, Rochester NY 14608 East Center: 125 Kings Highway South, Rochester NY 14608 Volunteer! We are only limited in terms of the number of children we can accommodate by the number of volunteers tutors we have. Volunteers give at least two hours each week to meet with children. You don’t have to be a teacher - site coordinators provide materials and guidance in instruction. History of NDLC The School Sisters of Notre Dame began teaching German immigrants in Rochester in 1847 at St. Joseph's orphanage and elementary school on Franklin Street. Within twenty years, other schools, staffed by the Sisters were opened at the parishes of Saints Peter and Paul, St. Boniface, Holy Family, Holy Redeemer, and St. Michael's. These schools flourished and eventually the sisters were invited to staff schools at Holy Ghost, St. Margaret Mary St. Philip Neri, and Bishop Kearney High. During these years of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rochester, the SSND's instructed thousands, more likely tens of thousands of children. The Notre Dame Learning Center began in 2004 and continues to provide educational opportunities for the children of Rochester and its surrounding areas. You are invited to become a friend and sponsor of the Notre Dame Learning Center. Thank you very much!

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