215 Treemont Street
Door #2
Rochester, NY 14608

Pearl Resources, Inc.

PRI focuses on five pillars to make a difference: Commitment to mental health, working with disenfranchised populations, and addressing issues of poverty, philanthropy, and advocating for financial freedom, student travel, and young men’s leadership home. We Connect We Cultivate We Celebrate We Help People Thrive This is the Making of a Pearl/ Developing One’s Purpose in Life Our Theme for Roc the Day 2021:To Close the Gap of Disparity in Mental Health Awareness and Care, Economics and Education The statistics are sobering: There is a 13% worldwide rise in mental health conditions. There were 42,000 cases of documented mental health treatment cases in Rochester, New York in 2020. The poverty rate in Rochester is third on the list of poorest US metropolitan areas. The median earnings are $25,675. Although the graduation rate is at 68%, there is still room for improvement. Pearl Resources Inc., however, is there--as it strategically levels the playing field while maintaining dignity for those with mental health challenges, those experiencing the ravaging effects of poverty, and those with educational deficits. This includes persons with disabilities, refugees and immigrants. Our methods are tried and proven as we celebrate a twenty-year track record of favorable outcomes. For twenty years, we’ve hosted a bi-weekly mental health support group, serving 500 people yearly. Our mental health conferences have drawn up to 400 participants. We provide classes and resources for financial literacy. We offer certificate-bearing classes for customer service training. We partner with the Summer Youth Employment Program, sponsored by Rochester Works. In addition, we have provided employment for 150 youth over an eight-year period. Finally, we’ve served up to 500 students from various RCSD schools through Supplemental Educational Services--and our tutoring component was run by certified teachers. Our approach and delivery is multifaceted, including enlisting support from experts nationwide. We’ve amassed a network of resources/partners that provide tools and information to address the intricate issues affecting today’s society. We believe there is power in mastering the basics. There are numerous success stories. For example, Fatuma, a former student, is a testament and a recipient of our customized work. She is a refugee with a disability and who lived in an abusive household. Our agency aligned her to (OPWDD) Office for People With Developmental Disabilities and other supportive services to gain independence and to address the trauma and abuse. We assisted her in locating and entering a shelter. She successfully graduated from high school, is employed, and has her own apartment. Your financial support would allow us to help more people like Fatuma and families who are struggling. We would purchase pertinent course literature, support the cost of technology in strengthening communication, provide classes/workshops on mental health, tax preparation, enlist tutors, aide in financial planning and debt reduction, provide connections to job opportunities, and link families to programs in homeownership and purchase educational materials for all ages. Please help Pearl Resources, Inc. continue its mission of helping people who are in most need not just to survive, but thrive. Thank you in advance for your life-changing support.

We focus on: Human Services, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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