215 Treemont Street
Door #2
Rochester, NY 14608

Pearl Resources, Inc.

Our Theme for Roc the Day 2023 is the "Talented Tenth" Creating Legacy. You are invited to financially support the Talented Tenth Program, a term espoused by WEB DuBois, who believed that developing the "best" of the race would help guide the masses away from contamination and death. We take great pride in training and influencing gifted young men of Color to pass their skills and talent to the masses. Assist us in helping young men of Color achieve their dreams by providing the gift of travel to destinations such as, Historical Black Colleges and Universities, the National Museum of African American History, National African American historic landmarks in various states, strategically allowing them to explore/honor their cultural roots and origin. In addition, your generous donation will also allow young men to obtain IT certificates, purchase necessary supplies and promote our mission. Cultivating purpose must be intentional. Please help Pearl Resources, Inc. continue its mission of helping young people not just survive, but thrive. Thank you in advance for your life-changing financial support. PRI focuses on five "Pearls of Hope" to make a difference: Commitment to mental health, working with disenfranchised populations, addressing issues of poverty, philanthropy, advocating for financial freedom, student travel, and young men’s residency options. Our methods are established, as we celebrate a twenty-year track record of favorable outcomes. We've amassed a network of resources/partners that provide tools and information to address the intricate issues affecting today’s society. We Connect, We Cultivate, We Celebrate, We Help People Thrive. This is the Making of a Pearl/ Developing One’s Purpose in Life.

We focus on: Human Services, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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