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Rochester, NY 14610

REACH Advocacy

REACH Advocacy Inc., formed by a group of 30 community volunteers, began in 2015 by operating a transitional winter shelter for persons experiencing chronic homelessness who have not been successful in other county shelters. There are only a few places willing to house this population. Since 2015 REACH developed a threefold mission to shelter housing deprived adults in the winter, to create truly affordable supportive housing and to change the narrative around housing to view housing as a human right. Our successful experience of running transitional winter shelters each year for the past six years has convinced us that what we really face is a housing crisis that leaves too many people in our region without truly affordable housing options. REACH believes that housing is a human right. Our current projects include: Shelter: REACH Home, our shelter, not only provides daily meals and a place to sleep comfortably, but we are open to our guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week which allows service providers to meet with their clients right in the home. The availability of services and the care, support, and respect we give to our guests has made a huge difference in our guests’ outlook on life. Many of our guests learn to live more successfully in community with our support. Using the Housing First Philosophy, our shelter, REACH Home, has been able to place over 40% of our guests into permanent housing each year. This year due to COVID-19 we will house our guests in their own rooms in scattered sites throughout the city. This will be a more expensive but safer model. Affordable Housing: REACH Advocacy is now on the brink of building Rochester's first Tiny Home Village of truly affordable, energy efficient homes on permanent foundations in a supported community to provide a different model for infilling city lots to benefit extremely low income, chronically homeless individuals in our community. These homes are being built for people living on less than 30% of the AMI who are housing deprived. During the construction of this village we will be helping to develop a workforce including at-risk city youth by collaborations with Catholic Family Center’s YouthBuild Program and Edison Technical High School.

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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