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RENEW Climate Fund

One of the most cost-effective ways to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, investing in home energy-efficiency projects, is key to fighting climate change and increasing health co-benefits. Rochester ENergy Efficiency & Weatherization (RENEW) works with housing, environmental, and nonprofit partners to braid resources from multiple grant programs to make the homes of low-income Monroe County homeowners more energy-efficient, healthier, and safer. RENEW targets the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our region—residential sources—and utilizes donations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs for low-income homeowners. RENEW provides grants to community partners working with low-income homeowners to make residential energy efficiency, health, and safety improvements including insulation, heat pump hot water heaters and furnaces, traditional hot water heaters and furnaces, removal of lead paint hazards, or emergency repairs. RENEW and our partners have invested over $6M into the homes of hundreds of low-income homeowners across Monroe County. Clients are seeing an average savings of 22% on fuel costs, experiencing better physical and mental health outcomes, and estimates show this work will keep over 6,200 tons of carbon from entering our atmosphere. RENEW builds upon established community programs, which allows us to significantly expand and augment limited capacity to address unmet needs in the community. The majority of RENEW grants are projects in need of "gap" funding to help homeowners meet program eligibility requirements. While many programs provide safety nets, RENEW serves as a bridge. We remove obstacles to assist families so they can receive necessary residential energy efficiency, health, and safety work. RENEW’s collective impact design serves as an exemplar for the significance and economic and healthful impact “climate smart initiatives” have the potential to achieve: comfortable and safe homes, improved community health status, transformed neighborhoods, and increased generational wealth. RENEW demonstrates that climate smart initiatives are efficient, economical, and beneficial. Investing in home “health” and reducing our community’s carbon footprint is an essential cornerstone to combatting poverty, building community-wide economic stability, cleaning the air we all breathe, and creating a healthier place to live, work, and play.

We focus on: The Environment, Health

Where we are: Monroe

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