RocMaidan, Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester
1040 Jackson Rd
Webster, NY 14580

ROC Maidan

ROC Maidan, an affiliate of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester, is a community organization originally formed to support Ukraine’s democratic voices at Kyiv’s EuroMaidan. Our group of professionals represents organizations and individuals in the Rochester area. The organization provides information, resources, advocacy, connection and communication with federal, state and local officials, information sharing with media and educational institutions as well as the general public. Since the invasion of Eastern Ukraine in 2014, ROC Maidan has focused its fundraising efforts on providing humanitarian aid to those affected by ongoing war in Ukraine. ROC Maidan continues to provide medical supplies to area hospitals throughout Ukraine, alongside supporting rehabilitation programs for wounded soldiers and veterans requiring physical and psychological rehabilitation. Since the invasion in February, 2022, we have shipped 12 containers with humanitarian and medical aid and 5 ambulances.

We focus on: Health, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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