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Rochester Accessible Adventures

Rochester Accessible Adventures (RAA) formed in 2015 with a vision of a society where recreation, sports and tourism are fully accessible to and inclusive of people with and without disabilities. It is our mission to improve the health and wellness of people with disabilities by guiding communities to create a culture of physical accessibility, social inclusion and equitable open access in recreation, sports and tourism. Since 2015, Rochester Accessible Adventures has created and implemented our unique Community Health Inclusion (CHI) model to strategically address the needs of recreation businesses. The CHI model provides multi-year contracted consultation to assess, train, and provide ongoing support to empower recreation businesses with strategies to build both physical accessibility and social inclusion to serve people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Our Community Health Inclusion services in Greater Rochester, Finger Lakes & WNY build the capacity of rural, urban, and suburban recreation entities to operate with full inclusion across all of their services and have connected 8000+ people to inclusive recreation opportunities. Our work with such entities including Erie Canal Boat Company, Pickled Power, Victor Parks & Recreation, Genesee Valley Park Sports Complex, School 29, Healthy Highways, Irondequoit Recreation, Ludus Fencing Studio, and Perinton Recreation & Parks has resulted in: a) tangible operational changes which promote a sustainable culture of inclusion, b) removal of physical barriers, and c) an increase in participation in active recreation by over 480 individuals with a variety of disabilities – alongside their family, friends and peers without disability.   Your support enables to continue to add more ecreation businesses to our CHI model of inclusion, guiding them on a journey of sustainable inclusion operations so that #MakingInclusionHappen is a matter of everyday business. Please enjoy a brief overview of some of our CHI work in this post by our Executive Director: https://rochesteraccessibleadventures.org/makinginclusionhappen-when-recreation-businesses-include-people-with-disabilities/ In 2020, we formed the WNY Adaptive & Inclusive Sports Collaborative with Greater Buffalo Adaptive Sports (GBAS) in order to strategically plan and develop the expansion of sports within hometown communities across western New York. Every child and adult should have the opportunity to participate in sports in their hometowns and we are working across multiple counties to make that happen. Please read an overview of this work in this post: https://rochesteraccessibleadventures.org/the-wny-adaptive-inclusive-sports-collaborative-has-formed/ Thank you so much for your support! Together, we are Making Inclusion Happen!

We focus on: Health, Community Benefit and Economic Development

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates

We have a matching grant!

Matching Dollars for Inclusion

Matching Dollars for Inclusion ALL DONATIONS UP TO $10,000 are being matched RIGHT NOW! Susan Fox Shepard pays tribute to her late father, Tom Fox, in this dollar-for-dollar matching campaign for Inclusion! After Susan experienced a life-changing accident when she was a teenager that resulted in paralysis, her father, Tom, never stopped working on making her world work for her. In order for Susan to come home from the hospital after the accident left her paralyzed, their house needed a ramp. Tom built that ramp. When Susan was ready to learn to drive, Tom installed hand controls in his vehicle and taught her to drive, enduring, as many parents do, those knuckle-whitening moments! Tom provided maintenance for Susan's vehicles and wheelchairs throughout his lifetime, ensuring she would have some of the most important tools for getting about because he was certain that there was MUCH life to live. Tom would do all he could to change the world around Susan so that she could participate in it. And now, Susan will MATCH DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR all donations made to RAA up to $10,000 so that RAA can continue to make recreation and sports accessible to and inclusive of people with and without disabilities! A word from Susan "Inclusion in recreation has the power to heal someone's self-image. After experiencing a life-changing event that left me permanently paralyzed at 15 years old it took time to rebuild my self-image and confidence. Being able to join others in recreational activities was a huge part of my healing process. I didn't have to sit on the sidelines watching everyone else embrace life while I felt like a bump on a log. Knowing there was the right type of equipment and people who were patient while we figured out how to make everything work for me to do an activity was a gift. I had to travel from the Southern Tier to enjoy these accessible opportunities and it was well worth it. I felt blessed to try a lot of different things. Now RAA is working to open communities up to include people of all ages and abilities into recreation so we can enjoy all its health benefits with family and friends."


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