850 Saint Paul Street
Suite 14
Rochester, NY 14605

Rochester Greenovation

Rochester Greenovation seeks to reduce waste in the community. Greenovation does this by running a number of community programs. The largest and most visible of these programs is the Greenovation store on Saint Paul Street. The store encourages waste reduction and engages the community by serving as a market for upcycled and vintage goods. Local individuals may apply to be vendors at the store and can earn a living by selling recycled goods. The store also engages the community by providing retail job experience to individuals in recovery and individuals with disabilities. In the community Greenovation also helps prepare scrap and organize the complex logistics of recycling major waste. The organization houses and re-offers to the community salvage materials that would otherwise go into landfills. Rochester Greenovation will be offering classes and a space for artists and musicians to show case their talents. Lastly, Greenovation engages the community by allowing other community organizations to use their space. In doing this, Greenovation has become an anchor in the community and an important part of the area's vibrancy and revitalization.

We focus on: The Environment, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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