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Rochester Hearing and Speech Center

Rochester Hearing and Speech Center (RHSC) is committed to helping children and adults develop the skills and abilities necessary to communicate for life. We are particularly proud of our Educational and Clinical Services that provide Early Intervention and Pre-School services for children aged newborn to five years old. One of these services includes therapy for Sensory Integration Disorder. While the cause of this disorder is unknown, there are numerous conditions that are associated with it – ADHD, OCD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other learning difficulties. This condition is sometimes described as a “neurological traffic jam” preventing sensory information from getting where it needs to go. A child with Sensory Integration Disorder may have difficulty reacting appropriately to light or sound. If the processing of touch is affected, a child may over-respond or under-respond to physical contact. If the processing of the sensory messages from the muscles is disrupted, motor skills can be affected. To address the needs of children like these, Rochester Hearing and Speech added a new Sensory Room this year. This is a “safe” space designed to provide a place for children with sensory problems to work on issues of touch, balance, movement, and internal sensations in a play-based environment. Children can learn to understand their environment and the sensations they are receiving to improve their motor skills, react appropriately to touch and changes in texture, overcome the fear of light and sound. Dimmable lighting, a snuggle therapy hammock, a sensory swing, ultra-cozy weighted blankets, and padded floor tiles can turn a simple room into a safe space in which children can thrive. Please help RHSC reach our goal of $1,000 to help outfit our Sensory Room so that we can provide the environment and tools necessary to create a therapeutic experience for children with this disorder. You can help turn confusion into comfort and fear into confidence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rochester Hearing and Speech’s 41 fully-licensed/certified professionals provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, and audiology services to hundreds of families each year. Serving Monroe Country for 99 years, we are proud to be the longest-standing and most experienced provider of speech, language, and hearing services in the Greater Rochester area. The Center is a member of the Al Sigl Community of Agencies with offices in Brighton/Rochester, Greece, and Webster. We focus on: hearing health for adults and children and educational and clinical services for children. Where we are: Monroe County

We focus on: Health, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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